What is Web 2.0

06 November 2006 internettopoli

There is a large buzz about Web 2.0 and comes associated to something generically new. New in what? There are so many new things that come spontaneous to wonder which of these represents Web 2.0, or if they are all representing it.

In reality Web 2.0 is not associated to one technology but to the way to use it. Web 2.0 can be made also with “old” technologies. In traditional sites the information is one way: one publisher and many readers (passive). In the Web 2,0 all can be authors and readers.

An image is worth more than thousand words (sorry, I don’t know the author):

web1 vs web2

This is the base of successful sites like Slashdot, Digg, Redditt, Flickr (images), del.icio.us (bookmarks), YouTube (video), etc.

they have been inspiration for many other sites, above all learning the lesson: allow the customers to publish contents and to render them public.