microCSS v3

11 March 2008 css, webdev

Update to the microCSS framework. Compared to previous version (MicroCSS, a minimalist framework) has been added support to Internet Explorer 7 and added a stylesheet base.css for base typography and vertical rhythm.

Internet Explorer 7

Support to IE7 is necessary because the rendering engine it’s different respect IE6, in particular there was issues in the .wrap class devoted to clearing a section. New clearing method needed for IE7? by Roger Johansson it’s a interesting reading.

This is a good opportunity for cleanup and move all the Internet Explorer hacks to the micro-ie.css file.

Typography and Vertical rhythm

microCSS do a general reset of many rules and it’s annoying rewrite all in a rapid prototyping work, I added a stylesheet (whose use is optional) to start a project with a good typography integrating the vertical rhythm (see for example Compose a vertical rythm by 24Ways).

Download: microcss_v3.zip


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