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The Web does forget

Date: 23 September 2013 Category: internettopoli, quotes

Today is the day when I start keeping PDF backups of valuable online articles because at the end of the day, the Web does forget. And way too often what it forgets is the quality content that is so difficult to create in the first place.

Vitaly Friedman - Good Content Is Too Valuable To Die

Gmail spams itself

Date: 18 September 2013 Category: internettopoli

With my great surprise in the spam folder I found a message from... Gmail!

Internet and Money

Date: 21 April 2010 Category: internettopoli, quotes

The Internet is profoundly indifferent to your desire to make money with it.

Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging

What is Web 2.0

Date: 06 November 2006 Category: internettopoli

There is a large buzz about Web 2.0 and comes associated to something generically new. New in what? There are so many new things that come spontaneous to wonder which of these represents Web 2.0, or if they are all representing it.